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This letter is intended for serious and ambitious entrepreneurs only...It is intended for the kind of entrepreneur who has a ruthless desire to see his business profits soar.

...a certain kind of entrepreneur who believes that he might actually be able to learn something from a company that has cracked the code to multi-channel marketing...that, one who markets online as easily as they do off line and merges the two into a seamless whole where each aspect of their marketing prowess compliments the other.

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In 1966 Eugene Schwartz, arguably the greatest copywriter who ever lived, wrote a book.  It was a small book, only about 230 pages; it was published by Prentice-Hall and sold poorly, only a few thousand copies.  However, this book has had the greatest impact of any book ever published in the field of marketing, copywriting and direct response selling.  The book Breakthrough Advertising is remarkable for the fact that it has been primarily used by people who were not directly involved in copywriting…it has been used by both men and women who weren’t even in the business of advertising.  And they used this little black manual to generate more money than most people ever dream of.

Bill Bonner, the founder of Agora Inc., the premier direct mail marketing company, made the remarkable decision to test a theory — they wanted to see whether the direct-marketing methods they had used to build a multi-million dollar business off line could also be adapted to run an online business.

Not only did the test work, it sent sales into the stratosphere.

The results were so incredible — that their entire approach has been given its own unique term, the “Agora Model.”

The "Agora Model" is an approach to selling online that actually flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

Are you willing to make the sacrifice that this kind of income demands?

Are you willing to take the gamble...endure the tensions...fight the inevitable battles
— where your brain is pitted against some of the sharpest marketing minds in the world?

You see, it was originally taught that all you needed to do was to put up a website and the orders would just start flooding in.  Well, if you have ever tried it, this approach simply does not work.

Do you have the courage to reach out, because...

Now more than ever, marketing online is about relationships.

Do you have the courage to accept the incredible rewards as well as the hazards...the courage to have it all, trowing aside everything that you have ever been taught about marketing to save and share in what matters most?

If you do, read on, if you don't, consider yourself lucky and click away, there is nothing in this letter that will make any sense at all.

"The Agora Model" is the most unique book on marketing ever published because it distills, for the first time, the almost completely unknown techniques of the super money makers.  The men who take home wheel barrels full of cash every year.

Let me emphasize right here that you do not need "Big Money" to take full advantage and use these techniques  They will work with any amount of starting capital even as little as $500 or $1000.

This important manuscript contains decades of wisdom from the world's most successful direct marketing company.

It teaches you how...

To Make Huge Sums of Money In Direct Response Marketing When You Throw Out The Old Rules That Small And Safe Marketers Live By...

"The Agora Model" is All About Creating Opportunities...

It's about having your eye's  firmly focused on the money making potential of situations that people are fighting to get out of!  This valuable guide book gives you the simple techniques to identify and zero in on these hidden situations and and capitalize on them.  Once you learn them you will never read a magazine, listen to a news story or read the local paper without an electric sense of opportunity flowing through your veins.

This blueprint gives you the  techniques they used to build life changing relationships.  And how you can create mass desire for your goods and services as well.

These techniques give you control over a vast profit making machine, almost overnight.  It opens the door to more and more relationship building situations.  Where the small amount of time invested in setting up the infrastructure equals massive amounts of profits down the road.

Under "The Agora Model" its all about the relationship.  The reader doesn’t feel that you are trying to sell them something. Because let's face it, it doesn't matter whether you are talking online or off line, people don’t like being sold to!

It All Starts With Your Email List

Direct-response marketing is built on growing a list, the “house file,” of the names and addresses of people to whom offers can be sent.

Under "The Agora Model, this translates into the “e-list” — the names ande-mail addresses of people who have given you permission to contact them.

The fatal weakness of most online marketers is that they often use their list as an online ATM machine.  They just belly up to the machine whenever they want an influx of cash.  "The Agora Model" teaches that it is better to take the long range approach...building a lasting customer relationship first.

"The Agora Model" is the first marketing plan to successfully merge online and off line marketing into a synergistic whole.  No longer is it just about email marketing.  The "Agora Model" takes all existing forms of marketing and molds them holistically into one complete marketing plan...the only plan you will ever need.

This manuscript tells the whole story. 
It is the very first complete blueprint of Agora's $600,000,000 marketing "secrets."  This book has not been authorized by Agora in any way.  They simply would not be happy to know that every single one of their secretive marketing techniques have been made public. 

Within the pages of "The Agora Model" you will find a virtual template that you can layout and structure time and time again for any marketing campaign.  It tells detail.

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Study the contents of this valuable manuscript and just copy what Agora does. It's as if you had the opportunity to sit in on one of Agora's secret meetings held in a secluded castle in the heart of the French wine region and learn "The Agora Model" directly from people who use it in their own business, jump on it!

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